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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs that may answer some of your important questions regarding the purchase of SoundCloud plays.

Q.1 Is it Safe to buy SoundCloud repost?

Yes, it is safe because we use genuine techniques to provide reposts from real accounts. Therefore, it is safe, and you won’t face any problems in future.

Q.2 Do you need my password for delivery?

No, we never ask for any irrelevant information like your password. We need only your track URL to deliver your order.

Q.3 How many reposts should I buy?

This totally depends on your account needs. If you want to grow fast, your account requires a large number of reposts, like thousands. On the other hand, if you want it slow and steady, you can buy hundreds of reposts, and you can also repeat it from time to time.

Q.4 Will my reposts decrease with time?

No, the reason behind this is our non-drop service. We use real accounts to assure that the number of reposts never decreases instead of increases with the passage of time.

Q.5 What information is required to purchase reposts for SoundCloud?

We need the minimum information of your account, that is, username and track URL. Once you order submission is done, we start delivering SoundCloud reposts to that track.

Q.6 Can I order multiple packages for one track?

Yes, you can order multiple packages for your single track. But here is a suggestion that you should not buy another package while the previous order is in progress.

Q.7 Do you offer support in case I need help?

Yes, our team is here 24/7 to help you. Whenever you need our support, we are available to solve your issues.

Q.8 How Long does it take to start delivery?

As you place your order, we start working on it. We offer a fast delivery service; therefore, we never take so long. It can be instant or take up to 12 hours maximum.

Q.9 Do you provide reposts from real accounts?

Yes, we use 100% real accounts. Every account is real and with hundreds of followers. Therefore, each SoundCloud repost gives your track reach in the hundreds.

Q.10 How will repost affect my account?

The process is simple to understand. As a person reposts your account, your track reaches his followers. Just imagine if hundreds of followers repost your track; this way, your track reaches thousands of their followers.

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